Are you seeking to function at your highest and best? Do you want to reach greater levels of resilience, fulfillment, compassionate communication, and unity in life or within your organization?

Through training, workshops, coaching, consulting, keynotes and retreats, Mary Claire O’Neal provides principles, practical tools, techniques and guidance to help you or your organization:

Build self-regulation skills
Empower the best in yourself and others
Develop greater confidence in communication
Improve leadership and unity skills
Increase positivity and fulfillment
Enhance creativity and innovation
Build resilience
Be more fully present
Reduce overwhelm and stress

COVID-19 Notice
Due to the surge of COVID variants, in-person keynotes and workshops are not being scheduled. However, Mary Claire is available for online and Zoom workshops, keynotes, coaching, and interviews.

"As a speaker, consultant and effective communicator, Mary Claire is unparalleled. Whether before a large audience, in a small meeting, or one-on-one coaching session, she has the ability to connect with people in a dynamic, engaging and insightful way which communicates her message with the utmost effect. Mary Claire's presentations mirror the joyful and spirit-filled approach she takes to the world, and she shows us how we can create that in our lives."

Paul Sanders, Journalist, Columnist, Former Corporate CEO