With over 15 years of experience in the fields of effective communication, positive intelligence, life-balance and resilience, we offer excellence in professional services with successful, evidence-based results for our clients.

Through training, workshops, coaching, consulting, keynotes and retreats, clients are provided with individualized services in principles, practical tools, and techniques to help you or your organization:

  • Empower the best in yourself and others
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Build mental and emotional resilience
  • Develop greater mastery and confidence in communication
  • Increase performance and positivity
  • Enhance problem-solving, creativity and innovation
  • Improve leadership and unity skills
  • Build self-regulation and mindfulness skills
  • Reach greater levels of fulfillment and success

COVID-19 Notice
Due to the surge of COVID variants, in-person keynotes and workshops are not being scheduled. However, Mary Claire is available for online and Zoom workshops, keynotes, coaching, and interviews.

Service Choices

  • The Resilience Advantage

    Scientifically researched, evidenced-based skills and tools for personal and professional effectiveness are available in various formats. The training includes foundational and more advanced resilience-building, self-regulation and stress-reduction techniques, helping clients achieve more mental clarity, productivity, improved situational awareness, clearer communication, and greater levels of vitality, creativity and fulfillment. This HeartMath® training is available with or without emWave® technology for participants.

  • Keynotes, Workshops and Retreats

    Keynotes are practical, relevant, engaging and content-rich presentations based on extensive experience and background in the fields of effective communication, positive intelligence, change management, unity skills, resilience, life-balance and leadership. Workshops and shirtsleeve sessions are a blend of hands-on experiences, discussion and learning practical tools to be used after the session is over. Retreats located in venues of natural beauty away from the bustle of daily life allow time for introspection, use of the techniques, and to process the information. All services have proven to bring positive results for individuals and organizations.

  • Coaching

    Client-driven coaching services are offered in communication, resilience, life-change, and leadership. In this co-creative process, clients benefit from higher levels of confidence, self-awareness, accountability, and empowerment. The menu of coaching services focuses first and foremost on self-mastery and positive intelligence to better handle life’s challenges with the skills needed to create a fulfilling, balanced life. Clients can choose to focus on the areas of effective communication, handling change, stress management and resilience, or life-balance.

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Some Past Clients:

  • UK
  • Fitness One
  • Toyota
  • Dept Veterans Affairs
  • NCNW
  • Kennedy Center
  • Kentucky One
  • Kentucky One - Flaget
  • Berrea College
  • Dept of Energy
  • Prichard
  • Community Action
  • Cardinal Hill
  • T-Mobile