Reinvent yourself in this time of change. The time is now more than ever.

My coaching focuses first and foremost on self-mastery and positive intelligence to help you better handle the challenges in life and work. My coaching model is based on the important premise that the only expert on you is you. I help you find your own wisdom, innate abilities, passion, and a plan of action to realize what you are wanting to accomplish with the coaching. My foundational approach in all the areas of coaching is unique in that I help you identify and retool perceptual patterns and old ways of doing things that are no longer working and help you replace them with new patterns of thinking that are more true for you in keeping with your values and goals.

Frequently individual coaching clients and groups experience a renaissance of interest and passion for their lives and work, more easily seeing and creating solutions, drawing from their own wisdom and the wisdom of others—all the while honoring their highest values and the “big picture” or overall vision of their lives and organizations.

"Excellent. Your sessions gave me an expanded sense of what is possible in communication and life!"
Anita Courtney, Public Health Consultant, Author

Available Coaching Options

Life-change, Life-balance and
Resilience Coaching

Would you benefit from an objective perspective to help you with accountability and support on your path?

Are you looking for ways to become “unstuck” and create more purpose, fulfillment, and joy in life? Are you wanting to empower the best in you?

Do want to become the change you wish to see in the world?

Are you looking for principles and tools that really work to help you see progress, success and reach your goals?


Do you want to become a more skilled, dynamic, and confident speaker in front of audiences or in meetings?

Would you like to strengthen and enhance your communication in all areas of life to create more understanding and ease with others?

Looking for compassionate ways to communicate in times of difficulty to pave the way for more understanding?

Are you wanting to “find your voice?”

Do you want to enhance or fine tune your communication skills?


Do you want to inspire those you lead to higher levels of achievement?

Would you benefit from an objective or unbiased perspective?

Do you want to nurture and empower the best in yourself and others?

Do you want to enhance or fine-tune your communication and leadership skills?

Do you want tools and support in becoming a better problem-solver?

Do you want to more easily and effectively create unity within your team or those you lead?

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