The Resilience Advantage

Trainings, Workshops and Retreats

Based on more than 20 years of Heartmath®’s published, peer-reviewed research on the science of resilience, The Resilience Advantage program provides a powerful skill set and engaging technology to prepare you to thrive in a world of flux, challenge and opportunity. This best-in-class program is used by organizations such as, hospital systems; the U.S. Navy; Fortune 500 companies worldwide; the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Stress affects us physically, mentally and emotionally. What can we do about it?

It is not the event or situation that creates the stress. It is how we respond or react to it. Emotions have a powerful impact on the human body. Positive emotions like appreciation, gratitude, and kindness feel good and are renewing for us. They help the heart and other systems in our body synchronize, what neurocardioloists call “coherence,” and work in greater health and energy. Research has shown the shift in heart rhythms creates a favorable cascade of neural, hormonal and biochemical events that benefit the entire body.

Evidence-based results six weeks after taking the Heartmath® Program:

  • 52% reduction in exhaustion and tiredness
  • 60% reduction in anger
  • 61% reduction in annoyance
  • 52% reduction in anxiety
  • 60% reduction in depression
  • 43% reduction in heartburn and indigestion
  • 44% reduction in headaches
  • 44% reduction in body aches (joint pain, backaches)
  • 33% reduction in inadequate sleep

The Resilience Advantage training is available in the following formats:

  • Keynote – 1 hour
  • Primer Workshop –1.5 to 2 hours
  • Workshop – 4 hours
  • Retreat – 8 hours over two days
  • Lunch and Learn (an Introduction) – 50 minutes
  • Coaching one-on-one

“Mary Claire’s presentation of the Heartmath® Resilience Advantage training was outstanding. She was able to involve my team members and show them the value of the program and get them to engage. Both they as individuals and our company are better for having her present the Heartmath® training to use and teach us the skills associated with this program.”

Sheila Kalas
Owner, Fitness Plus, Inc.

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